Application process

When to apply

  • 1st intake: 1 February to 1 May 2017 (CET).
  • 2nd intake: Subject to confirmation.

How to apply

Application to the CEMS MIM programme should be done at the same time as the Nova Masters application. They must apply to one of these masters by May 2017.

If accepted to the Nova Masters and if the CEMS MIM Application is completed, students will be invited to take part in an Assessment Center by the CEMS Office on a monthly basis.

Apply to the CEMS MIM program

Students can apply to one of these masters before or at the same time as they apply to the MIM program. These are two separate application processes - students must submit both application forms.

Important documents

The following documents should be uploaded in PDF format:

1. Curriculum Vitae in English with photo

2. Proof of English language proficiency (non-native English speakers). Results must be provided by 31 May 2017. Proof of enrolment can be submitted in the application when the results are not yet available. Accepted certificates:

  • TOEFL iBT minimum score –100
  • IELTS Academic minimum score – 7.0
  • CPE minimum grade of C
  • CAE minimum grade of B
  • BEC Higher minimum grade of B
  • Have passed one of the CEMS-accredited local English exams
  • A-level GCSE issued in Singapore
  • University degree taught entirely in English and validated by the CEMS Office

3. An up-to-date Undergraduate Degree academic transcript showing courses taken, grades and ECTS;

4. Motivation letter / cover letter, in English;

5. Proof of ability in second foreign language, when possible.