Tailor-made training for aspiring business leaders

The typical CEMS cohort is, by definition, diverse in terms of educational background and country of origin. The most international pre-experience Masters in Management in the world (as confirmed by its permanent first place on international criteria since the creation of the Financial Times Masters in Management ranking in 2005) attracts a mobile and eclectic group of multilingual, culturally aware students onto the 30 campuses where the program is delivered. However, certain criteria are applied during the application and selection process.

Applicants must:

  • Be accepted in a Masters in Economics, Finance or Management at Nova
  • Demonstrate intellectual potential & knowledge (formal education, ability to analyse, learn/reflect, etc.)
  • Provide proof of proficiency in English (see the CEMS MIM guide for further details)
  • Be able to demonstrate an international orientation as well interpersonal competences, integrity and critical thinking.

Benefits for students

Applying for the CEMS MIM program means more than signing up for an academic program. By joining CEMS, students become part of a professional and social network active on a global scale. Local support at Nova is provided not just by the team of professionals running the program but also by CEMS Club Lisbon, which helps coordinate extra-curricular, CEMS student-oriented activities. Students can expect to benefit from:

  • The most international learning experience in a Masters program
  • International networking and social life, with curricular and extra-curricular events held across all 30 CEMS member school campuses
  • Enhanced placement opportunities through contacts with Corporate Partners and the yearly CEMS Career Forum
  • An active 12000-strong alumni community, with committees in close to 75 countries

The Nova CEMS MIM class of 2018/19

74 students

53% male
47% female

18 nationalities

including • Canadian • American • Chinese

Most represented nationalities

• German • Portuguese • Italian • French