Learning business by doing business

Students must carry out a Business Project during Term 2 of their CEMS MIM year. It accounts for 15 ECTS credits and is conducted in teams of 3-5 students in a “consultancy” mode.

Business projects reinforce the partnership between universities and companies or NGOs in jointly shaping students’ learning processes in international management. They are designed as a real-life learning experience for students and are supervised both at the Nova end and the business end: an academic advisor oversees the unfolding of the project whilst a business representative is involved in joint tutoring as well as ensuring the application of theory in practice.

Recent examples of CEMS MIM Business projects at Nova:

  • Building a Strategy 2020 to Empower Youth, with Transparency International
  • Worldwide Sourcing: Latin American Snapshot for Food Retail, with Daymon Worldwide
  • How to Increase Penetration in Hair Treatments, with Henkel AG & Co. KGaA
  • Business Activity Monitoring Mechanisms and Culture, with Millennium bcp - Banco Comercial Português
  • Risk Management, with EDP - Energias de Portugal, S.A.

The amount of time spent on the project within the company may vary depending on its requirements. However, a Business Project will amount to about half of Term 2’s workload.