Teaching business strategy and practice

The CEMS MIM comprises a second-term curriculum that follows on from the curricular part of Nova SBE’s pre-experience Masters in Economics, Finance and Management. One term is spent at Nova SBE, another in one of Nova’s fellow CEMS member schools abroad and the third within a company as part of an obligatory international internship.

Aug - Jan
Term 1 - School 1
Feb - Jul
Term 2 - School 2
Term 3
International Intership
3 ECTS 30 ECTS 1 ECTS 15 ECTS 15 ECTS Min. 8 weeks
Block Seminar
Global Strategy and other CEMS courses
Responsible Global Leadership Seminar
Global Management Practice and other CEMS courses
Business Project
At any time during the graduate period of studies
  Business Communication Skill Seminars
Skill Seminars

The curriculum comprises a balance of core courses and electives aimed at establishing the required strategic and practical knowledge for a successful international managerial career, a variety of seminars designed to build up essential soft skills, and insight into the theory and practice of responsible business leadership, and a business project and international internship that will truly test students’ ability to apply their learnings “in-the-field”. To ensure that CEMS students graduate with the necessary multilingual communication skills to succeed in the global business world, foreign languages are rigorously assessed throughout the entire duration of the program.

To graduate from the CEMS MIM Programme a CEMS student must successfully fulfil the following:

  • At least two of the three MIM terms spent abroad (term abroad + international internship)
  • Graduate from the local M.Sc. programme officially connected to the MIM
  • Successful completion of the following 66 ECTS of course type elements:
    • Block Seminar: 3 ECTS
    • Responsible Global Leadership Seminar: 1 ECTS
    • Courses (min. one in Global Strategy and one in Global Management Practice): min. 45 ECTS
    • Business Project: 15 ECTS
    • Skill Seminars (inc. Business Communication Skill Seminar): min. 2 ECTS
    • A consecutive 8-week International Internship on first-job level
    • CEMS Business Communication Skill Seminar
    • CEMS language with a minimum level of B2 oral and B1 written
    • Introductory study of a third language on an elementary level