Building ties, skills and knowledge

Three main types of seminar are conducted within the CEMS MIM, with three distinctly different learning objectives.

The beginning-of-year Block Seminar is designed to bring students and academics together via an exercise or activity that has not only an educational purpose but also a bonding one, thereby creating immediate links between members of the new cohort and the school at the start of the academic year.

Recent Block Seminars at Nova:

  • From Creativity to Innovation
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Sustainability, Openness And Growth
  • Corporate Sustainability And The Triple Bottom-Line (Shareholders, People and Environment)
  • High Impact Innovation

Skill Seminars are a regular feature of the program throughout the year of study. They comprise training seminars in practical skills and are essential to kick-starting an effective professional career and fundamental to adjusting easily to an international management environment. A specific Business Communications Skill Seminar is also organized in order to hone all students’ foreign language competency.

Recent Skill Seminars at Nova:

  • Help Students Learn How to do Case Interviews
  • Body Language on Networking
  • Creative Writing in Business
  • Downstream Challenges in the Energy Sector
  • Google Skill Seminar - From Adwords To Analytics
  • Solving Business Problems
  • Visual Thinking and Creativity
  • Top Skills To Close a Deal
  • Emotional Intelligence: How Can it Help You Land a Job

The Responsible Global Leadership Seminar is a two-day course which takes place at the beginning of Term 2. The RGL Seminar brings together representatives from Corporate and/or Social Partners, professors and students, for an experiential learning experience.