Masters in Economics

Learning around the world

Through its constant efforts to develop a truly worldwide academic and corporate network, Nova SBE is able to offer Masters in Economics, Finance and Management students the chance to learn in and graduate from top institutions abroad as well as from Nova itself, all within one program.

The Double Degree track comprises at least one semester spent abroad in one of Nova’s international academic partner institutions. By accomplishing the curricular requirements of both schools, students will be awarded with 2 Masters degrees – one from Nova SBE and one from the partner institution.

Students can choose from an enviable array of top institutions in countries spanning Belgium, Brazil, Italy and The Netherlands. This unique learning opportunity will enable students to broaden their knowledge of specific markets, expand their international network and provide an additional boost in preparing for the international direction that their future career will take.

For students entering in the Fall semester of 2018, Nova SBE offers Double Degree programs in Economics (combination of the Masters in Economics program at Nova SBE and Economics degrees at the following schools):

NOTE that Nova SBE students may not apply to a Double Degree program in their home country. For example, if you have German nationality or a home address in Germany, you are ineligible to participate in the Double Degree with EBS.