Masters in Economics

Posing alternative challenges

Beyond developing in students the crucial skills, knowledge and tools through the various curriculum components, the Masters in Economics also hones vital soft skills and provides insight into the various ethical, international, corporate and communication challenges that students will face in the working world. With this objective, four main areas or “Skill Modules” are available:

Quantitative skills

Learning to analyze data


Thinking about ethical challenges

Corporate links/internationalization

Building knowledge about business environment and international careers

Communication and creativity

Thinking outside the box and improving communications skills

Via these modules students are encouraged to broaden their perspective on ethical and ecological issues, while making for a stimulating, creative, and innovative learning environment.

Using examples from the business world, these modules raise awareness of responsible leadership and develop the ability to think creatively in areas such as problem-solving and innovation.

Modules take various forms and vary in content and pedagogical approach. Students may embark on Study Trips to major business hubs where they will visit companies from different areas, meet Nova SBE alumni and explore the city. Alternatively, they may have to hone their self-leadership and resilience skills in preparation for the start of their professional career or explore the relationship of ethics, social responsibility, and corporate performance in strategic planning, implementation and evaluation through custom-designed modules dedicated to such competences and disciplines.