Masters in Finance

Learning across borders to do business across borders

The International Masters in Finance has existed since 2010 and has been established as an independent program.

The International Masters in Finance is the name given to the pre-experience program at Nova SBE that awards the MSc degree in Finance to all enrolled students who, on the top of fulfilling all the academic requirements of the degree, also have:

  • Proficiency in three languages: mother-tongue, English and a second foreign language. The additional foreign language must achieve the A2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
  • Mobility experience: a 10 week internship abroad OR a semester of studies abroad OR holding an International Undergraduate Degree.

The term abroad can be spent either as an academic term or as an internship.

The standard duration of the International Master in Finance is 3 terms (two academic semesters and an additional term for completing the thesis). However, it may be shortened to one year or extended to two years. The former case may happen if the student succeeds in finishing the thesis earlier (the European-denominated Double Degrees require a term paper in the first term that can be completed in the second term as the thesis), and the latter when a student undertakes any other Double Degree that requires one year at Nova SBE and another year at the partner institution.



This scheme enables students to immerse themselves in a local culture abroad and extend their network by spending one semester at one of Nova’s international partner schools. Students can choose from business schools in countries ranging from Australia and New Zealand to Argentina and Mexico, Sweden and Norway, to name only a few.

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Double Degree


The Double Degree format aims to deepen students’ knowledge of specific markets and increase their chances of pursuing an international career. The program comprises one year at one of Nova’s worldwide partner schools, leading to the awarding of 2 Masters degrees – one from Nova SBE and one from the partner institution.

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This joint degree is designed to provide future multicultural and multilingual managers with the skills to thrive in tomorrow’s business environment. The program comprises one semester at one of the 30 CEMS schools worldwide and the other semester at Nova, leading to the awarding of 2 Masters degrees – one from Nova SBE and one from the CEMS Alliance.

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