Masters in Finance

Preparing to enter the world of finance

Ranked 19th best Masters in Finance in the world in 2017 by the Financial Times, the International Masters in Finance is a carefully-designed program that has been devised to develop a sound knowledge base and essential analytical, problem-solving competencies in the financial area. Students not wishing to take this more internationally-oriented program may otherwise opt for the standard Masters in Finance track.

In both cases, students will benefit throughout the program of their choice from first-hand contact with financial institutions, have the chance to test themselves by working on real-world cases, and take the final step towards embarking on a demanding and successful executive career in corporate finance or investment banking.

Stand-out features of the program include:

  • The added value of high-quality scientific research produced by Nova SBE’s top-10 rated Finance Faculty
  • A practical approach designed to equip students with the necessary theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills for a successful career in the world of finance.
  • High employability, with 100% graduates placed 6 months after graduation. Professional placement includes the major financial centers worldwide, such as London, Madrid, São Paulo and New York.


Academic Director

Miguel A. Ferreira holds the Banco BPI Chair in Finance at Nova School of Business and Economics.
He has a PhD in Finance from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a Master in Economics from Nova School of Business and Economics, and a Licenciatura in Business from ISCTE.
His research interests include international investments, institutional investors, and corporate governance. His research has been published in academic journals including the Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, and Review of Financial Studies. He has been a recipient of research grants from the European Research Council (ERC), FDIC, INQUIRE, Bank of Portugal and FCT.
He currently teaches Corporate Finance and Risk Management at the undergraduate and graduate level and also has an extensive experience of teaching in executive education programs. He has also been a consultant to multinational companies, investment banks, and government agencies.
Prior to joining Nova School of Business and Economics, he was an Associate Professor and chair of the Department of Finance at ISCTE.