Masters in Management


Tuition Fees for Academic Year 2018/19 - Masters in Management*



Tuition Fee

Regular Track 1.5 years € 11 100
Regular Track w/an Exchanger semester 1.5 years € 11 100
Double Degree ** 2 years € 14 700
Double Degree with Maastricht University 1.5 years € 11 650
IMM Brazil Europe 1 year € 15 900
CEMS MIM ** 2 years € 18 400

In order to guarantee their place on the program, accepted students will have to pay a €1 000 non-refundable enrolment fee within the period mentioned in the acceptance mail issued by the School. This amount will be deducted from the program tuition fees.

* For each additional semester, students will be required to pay an additional fee (for a maximum of 3 additional semesters).

** Enrolment in the Double Degree and CEMS MIM programs becomes effective after the payment of an additional € 1 500 non-refundable fee that will be deducted from the total tuition fee.

*** Plus € 1 450 for the immersion week in London.

Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence

The Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence program identifies the most talented students in the school, who will be nominated Fellows by Nova SBE.

Rewarding talent and commitment is the first and the ultimate purpose of the Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence program.

The program includes exclusive networking opportunities, social impact experiences and a leadership program with business leaders as keynote speakers.

Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence offers an automatic reduction of 20% in tuition fees based on candidates’ successful achievements, which can be assessed through a combination of 3 main factors: academic achievements; contribution to the academic life and community in previous studies; extracurricular activities and social engagement.

Fellows are also eligible for additional financial support that may bring the total discount to 50% or even, in some cases, to 80% of tuition.

As Fellows apply for this additional support, we ask them to please consider carefully their financial needs. The school has very limited resources to offer scholarships and there is a large number of students with severe financial constraints. We are happy to offer a scholarship to Fellows, but if there is no absolute need and the Fellows decide not to request it, their solidarity will have a deep impact on their colleagues.

Being a Nova SBE Fellow is a recognition of outstanding merit that will be in the Fellows’ curriculum vitae for life!

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Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence

Admitted students that look for a Means-Tested scholarship may apply by sending a motivation letter and the relevant tax return transcript to the Admissions and Development Office within one month of being admitted into the program. Students will be requested to attend an interview with the Student Development Office.

• UNL SASNOVA Scholarship

Only available to EU students with permanent residence in Portugal. SASNOVA grant direct social support, scholarships and emergency aids, to 1st and 2nd cycle students whose average monthly family income is below 1.2 x RMMG (Guaranteed Minimum Monthly Remuneration), dictated by dispatch number 4183 from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education on 6th March 2007, as well as by the ruling law.

Scholarships granted by SASNOVA are paid directly by DGES. Monthly installments will be paid by bank transfer by the dates given in time on this website.

More information about UNL SASNOVA Scholarship

For more information please contact the Admissions & Development Office.


With the kind support of Fundação Amélia de Mello two Amélia de Mello scholarships are awarded every academic year covering the tuition fee of Nova SBE Masters students with both academic merit and financial need. Since 2008, Fundação Amélia de Mello has already supported more than 70 students. Candidates’ assessment is based both on merit and financial need.

• NOVAFRICA Merit Scholarships

The NOVAFRICA center has been promoting the NOVAFRICA Merit Scholarships Program since 2012. This scholarship is awarded to outstanding students from sub-Saharan African countries who have been accepted at Nova SBE. It consists of a tuition waiver and a subsistence allowance. Before being considered for this scholarship, students must secure their admission in a Nova SBE degree of their choice. It is recommended that prospective candidates apply well in advance of degree application deadlines, as scholarships will be awarded on a rolling basis.

To apply, students must send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., with a CV, letter of enrollment in a Nova SBE program, and a motivation letter.