Masters in Management

Building skills and knowledge

By choosing the Master's in Management successful applicants will acquire the perfect balance of subject-specific and technical skills, as well as a core of transferable skills. The program is aimed at students from any graduate background wishing to gain a general management education and focuses on both contemporary and foundational issues, such as product innovation, entrepreneurship, globalization, sustainability, and ethics.

The structure of the Masters in Management combines Nova’s academic rigor and knowledge in the fields of Management, with constant contact with the business world, and an emphasis on acquiring critical soft skills in areas such as creativity and innovation, multicultural and international exposure, social and individual responsibility.

Also on offer is a wide range of electives, enabling students to customize their learning experience at Nova SBE according to their particular strengths and areas of interest.

International Tracks

International tracks are available both in the regular Master’s in Management and in the International Master’s in Management as both are the same curriculum-wise. The difference between the programs lies on the additional requirements the International Master’s requires, i.e. international mobility experience (only for those who completed a Bachelor's program in Portugal) and proof of knowledge in a second foreign language at A2 level. If you are eligible to apply for the IMM, you can still do the exchange program.