Why choose Lisbon?

Getting around

Lisbon's public transport network is extremely far-reaching and reliable. The Lisbon Metro is its main artery, connecting the city center with the upper and eastern districts and now reaching the suburbs. Ambitious expansion projects have increased the network by almost one third, connecting the airport and the northern and western districts. Bus, funicular and tram services have been supplied by the Companhia de Carris de Ferro de Lisboa (Carris), for over a century.

The best and, in many cases, the sole way to pay for city transport is buying a rechargeable green-colored “Viva Viagem”, valid for metro, trams, urban trains, most buses and ferries.

The Viva Viagem card can be charged in three different modes:

  • Single tickets for bus (€1.40; €1.80 if bought on the bus) or metro (€1.40). You put this exact amount on this card. Unlike Zapping mode, this ticket allows free transfers within one hour.
  • Day pass for metro and buses (€6)
  • Zapping. This mode also gives you slightly more credit than you pay for if you recharge more than €5 (for example, you will have to pay €10.00 for €10.75 of credit). The rates are also cheaper comparing to single ride: every journey costs €1.25, but the transfers are not.

There are ticketing machines located at the train or metro stations, which also provide instructions in English. You can also buy the ticket from the driver or machines on board. Tickets purchased from a driver will not include a Viva Viagem card, and will cost more (€1.80 for bus and €2.85 for trams instead of €1.25 if you use the rechargeable card), so it makes more sense to buy the ticket before starting the trip.

If you plan to be in Lisbon for an extended time, you can purchase an unlimited pass that covers buses, metro, and funiculars at the Carris station in Santo Amaro, or at the Metro stations Alameda, Marques do Pombal and Campo Grande. It's €12 for the Lisboa Viva card, plus €29 for a one-month unlimited pass. Bring a photo ID (passport) and cash.

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