About Nova SBE

Why Nova School of Business and Economics?

The most important investment at the beginning of your career is the one you make in yourself. Our academic programs have been designed to provide a unique learning experience, complemented with the necessary skills, knowledge and development to better prepare students for an increasingly demanding job market.


Nova School of Business and Economics is one of the few business schools in the world with Triple Crown accreditation. You will benefit from the school’s reputation for excellence, recognized in the main international rankings.

connectionReal-world connection

Our Masters programs are 3 to 4 semester-long, practically focused degrees. On campus you’ll encounter high-achieving students of more than 25 nationalities, providing you with unique networking opportunities.

learningFlexible learning

You will be equipped with the tools and techniques needed to build your skill set in the key area of Economics. Through lectures, group work, case studies, and in-the-field experience, you will acquire not just sound academic knowledge, but also a broader perspective.

businnessBusiness and study experiences

During the program, we will take you inside companies such as PwC, Unilever, Bank of Portugal, P&G, and Vodafone, to find out what makes them tick and hear from key personnel. Study trips offer another academic angle focusing on various business themes, in destinations such as Beijing, Brussels, London, Madrid, New York, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

teacherLearn from world-class faculty

Our faculty has a well-established record of publications in the finest international academic journals. At the same time – given their extraordinary curricular and professional experience (many are consultants to financial institutions, companies and government agencies) – they have a keen sense of the challenges facing the global community.

alumniBeyond the classroom

You will benefit from a mentoring scheme provided by alumni working in top multinational organizations, an invaluable way for students to learn from those with more career experience about particular industries or roles. School events are largely student-organized, with conferences attracting recognized speakers who share their insight on business, success, and leadership. Social clubs add yet another dimension to a rich school life on campus.

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